Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time to cut back / Summer days are here again

I chose #1

If I could cut back on something in my life that takes up a lot of my time it would have to be my computer time. I know I need my mouth washed out with soap for typing thatWash_mouth_out_soap_small,

but I do spend way to much time blogging, tweeting, facebooking (is that a word….) and e-mailing. I need to start spending more time with Bub over the summer outdoors and watching movies and stuff so my posts may be shorter and not everyday.. See I only did one question this time, I am making progress alreadywink.jpg. And just because I am trying to consolidate my blog time…two posts in one:


See full size image

Now everyone give a big round of applause and sing

I'm so excited,
And I just can't hide it.
I'm about to lose control,
And I think I like it.

Here are the Prompts for this week:
1.) If you could cut back on something in your life that takes up your time what would it be? And what would you prefer to spend that time doing?
(inspired by Lady Isra)
2.) Share a recent adventure you had with a friend.
(inspired by Amy)
3.) Describe a memorable gift. Why was it important to you?
(Inspired by Kit Kat)
4.) If you could change career paths now and be anything you wanted to be...what would you be and why?
(inspired by Lauren)
5.) Kim's email:
In the St. Louis News-Dispatch paper, they had an article of a man who wrote his own obituary before his death, and gave it to his sister to post when he died. He summed life up in 45 words:(I know it's a morbid subject, but what about a prompt about what would one's obit say, with a word limit. You could stipulate that everyone died at 100, so we'd all be predicting what our future would be like.
So there you have it. Sum up life in 45 words. :) Happy happy.
(Inspired by Kim)

Which one will YOU choose??

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  1. Hey Gal, I will miss reading your blogs, but so understand. Have a great summer. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    First of all, your little moving cat on the sidebar just freaked me out big time.

    Second, I agree with you about cutting back on blogging during the nice days of summer. blogging is definitely a winter sport. But I just can't keep away...

  3. Visiting from Mama Kat's today...I agree wholeheartedly about better investing my time...away from the computer! I hope you enjoy your summer off!

  4. I am goin to cu bac to so I am shortenin ever wor ove tw letter. Wha do yo thin? Is it helpin? LO

  5. First off.....I love your banner and blog cute! :0D

    And I right there with you....I need to step back from the blogging and get some art created for this summers gallery showing.

    Have a beautiful day.

  6. Thanks for all the comment love, Oh Greg I am loving your new way of computing.

  7. My heart be still.....does Brad know yet? Was that the THUD sound I heard in Tennessee this morning??? HA! Must of been him fainting!! HA!!

    BTW, Greg's comment cracked me up!

    OH, you won the flowers too!!

  8. I too could spend more time off of the computer

  9. I understand what you mean, i try to limit myself to 1 hour a day on the computer. That is really plenty of time, but it's really no different than watching tv (which i DON"T do).

  10. I need to cut down on blogging time, too. :)

  11. I made the same vow! Only blogging during nap time for my little one or when they are otherwise occupied. When they go to bed I turn it off and enjoy some time on the couch with the hubs. im pretty sure he is grateful for it

  12. Yup, I'm on the computer too much ... blogging, e-mail, facebook, pogo ... just way too much computer time.

  13. its all about finding that balance.

  14. I'm trying to be conscious of my computer time, too. It's so easy to let time slip away as you're reading about what others are doing! Sometimes I have to tell myself to get off the computer and go experience life. Anyway, I usually come up with something to post about when I'm doing some kind of mundane chore!

  15. If I take less time on the computer that means I can work part time right? haha

    I Still LOVE the kittie on the side bar, one of these days I'll get my own!