Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guilty As Charged


I should have Mother’s Guilt Tattooed across my forehead.

When my son was little I did not feel well all the time from the emotional and physical roller coaster from my lovely hormones after he was born and then after the loss of 3 babies. I would feel so guilty because I felt horrible physically and could not spend as much time outside with him as I would have liked too because I was sooo hot all the time from the hormone imbalance.

The hormones finally got in check and now that he has gotten older it has just become a whole new ball game of guilt.


Anything can cause me to feel Mother's guilt. If I raise my voice in the slightest I feel guilty, if we can’t do something he wants to do I feel guilty, if I send his friends home because Mommy would like some peace and quiet for one day I feel guilty, if the store doesn’t have the right kind of chicken nuggets for the poor child I feel guilty, this list could go on and on. It is a daily occurrence around here that I feel guilty for something, I think that just comes with the whole Mom territory.

I even have Mommy puppy guilt with Ginger since she has one eye and all, I feel guilty anytime she stares up at me wanting a treat, I just have to give her one,who could deny this face.


I am just a hot mess when it comes to Mommy Guilt.

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  1. ahhhh... mommy guilt is the worst.

  2. I HATE feeling guilty. So top it wouldj'a!?! It doesn't help anything and it's ok to say no to the kids, they need to learn it's not all about them.

    Are you feeling guilty for frrling guilty now?? :) Just do the best you's all anyone can ask for!

  3. Mommy guilt sucks! I hope you work through it soon :)

  4. i totally understand that one! i don't think we can ever get away from it. i always wondered if it was just me, glad to know it isn't.

  5. Mommy guilt is the worst....hopefully he won't catch on!

  6. Mommy guilt is a tough one for sure

    So sorry that you have lost babies. I know how painful that is

  7. I well remember the mommy guilt and sometimes have the "nana guilt" when I'm a little impatient with the grandbabies - NO NOT ME! - It's just a part of being a woman.

    You are a great mom though - I can tell!

  8. Oh girl...

    I have mommy guilt, wife guilt, daughter guilt, friend guilt-- argh!..... I HATE it.

    Hang in there!

  9. Everybody has to learn the word "NO" and there is no safer place to learn the the world does not always go your way than home with Mom and Dad.
    Have you ever read the book boundaries with kids by Dr. John Townsend, It has help me get a grip on teaching my kids to accept life as it is and not always expect there way, works on Dogs too.

  10. Read part of book recently on Mommy Guilt, can't remember the name, it may have been Mommy Guilt, darn it I can't remember. Anyways, it was about being Guilt Free!
    Stopped by because you were a Floridian! I'm in Tampa! Happy 4th! And love your blog!

  11. Mommy guilt is so strong! And yes, I have puppy mommy guilt too. I hate to go on vacation and leave the dog at a kennel. OH THE GUILT!

  12. TAG - YOU'RE IT

  13. Oh I know how you feel at times. My sister and I had this chat awhile back and know that as we pray and love our kids to the best of our ability, that God himself will fill in all of the cracks, making up for all our foilables and human failures because He knows us and our children better than we do ourselves. Jesus never fails!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!