Tuesday, April 28, 2009

30x5-100 wrap up

4/14 - walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes
4/15 - walk in even though it was late. Ends up when it is almost bath time children suddenly have a desire to go for a walk who knew:) We just went around the block, which was about 20 minutes so not quite 30, but close.
4/16 - Today I did a lot of moving since it was the Honor Roll cookout at our school and we were busy from 9a.m.-1:30p.m. getting set up, running around the school, serving the kids, taking down everything and clean up
4/17 - Nada, Migraine
4/18 - Rummage Sale at school, moved a lot, ate dinner with my BF's parents that are moving (I will post pics later) -- ended up with a Migraine before the night was over..ughhh
4/19 - Nada, Migraine
4/20 - 30 minute Walk
4/21 - Nada, Migraine
4/22 - walk with Bub and Ginger
4/23 - walk with Ginger
4/24 - helped the Jones's set up Garage Sale, moved a lot
4/25 - helped the Jones's with Garage Sale and take down, moved a lot
4/26 - cleaned the pool and cleaned the house (boys and toilets are a gross combination)
4/27 - Helped Mrs. Sue Pack up the house

As for the Food part, during the Migraines I did not want to eat and from being so busy kept forgetting to eat.

So I guess I will post both awards, since I was a little bit of a slacker in the actual exercise departmnet and I need to breathe, but I did move.

Seriously what is wrong with this woman :)


  1. Helping someone to pack their house is tons of exercise in itself!! You always do great!! Yay for you! BTW, I think there was a little tid bit about something else coming up from Linda in about a week!!!

  2. good job...keep going fellow "challengette"!

  3. why not... congratulations!! 2 awards in 1! ;D

  4. Good Job on the exercise you did do, Jenny! Is that lady in the video the Semi Home Made chic? It sure looks like her!

  5. Quick someone revive that woman. I think I deserve an award just for loggong on the computer every day.