Monday, April 27, 2009

Men's Rights

The other day I was walking out the door and Bub cut in front of me and walked out and here is our conversation.

Me: "Bub that was not polite your supposed to let ladies go first."
Bub: "Why?"
Me: "Um well it's good etiquette, it's just how it is"
Bub: "Well that's just not right when I am older I am going to fight for Men's rights so we can both walk thru the door at the same time"
Me: Laughing hysterically


  1. this is great! i just love how honestly kids think. ha, thanks for the laugh tonite.

  2. that's so funny... love it!

  3. Keep pressing for the good manners - maybe he will decide it would be better to just listen to mom :}

  4. You'll be glad you are writing these things down. Our son had 2 sisters, me and my mom harping on the etiquette thing. Now as a young man, he has the most wonderful manners. He even writes thank you notes! I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by. The name Flutterbye always makes me smile.

  5. I still try to be polite but some women look at you funny for holding the door for them or letting them go first. I keep trying though.