Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Caramel Popcorn Day

Hello everyone, it's day 2 of the guest blogger, Patrice! When Jenny asked me to write on her blog, she gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to do. A little trusting on her part, but she is going to blog for me, when me & Hubby embark on our mission trip in July, so I think she knew I would be good!!
Button is no longer there cause photobucket sucks ;) 

First make sure that you grab Jenny's button. I made this for her today!! Another goodie in my week long of making bling for her!

Did you know that today is Caramel Popcorn Day? Yep it's true, and if you are like me, any day is popcorn day and if you want to add a little caramel to it, I for one will not stop you!
I love popcorn, and yes, I do get a little giddy when I hear the microwave humming and the small yet increasing pops that happens as my bag gets bigger! I love to sit and watch tv with a big 'ol bag of this yumminess!!

I am not that creative when it comes to popcorn concoctions, but I do love popcorn that is covered in chocolate, but that is about the extent of my popcorn craziness. What about you? Do you have a crazy recipe that you use when making popcorn, or are you just a butter kinda of person?


  1. Thank you Patrice for my all my new additions to my blog. I LOVE it, the bunnies are so cute and the button looks awesome. She is such a wonderful guest blogger.
    Hubby brought along his laptop on our trip, but I am not on it much due to all the fun being had and the fact it is hard to type on a laptop with nails..ughh. To all my 30x5 buddies I have been walking my tail off, I have probably done enough 30 minutes walks to last a month. If I don't loose my tummy after this week I give up:) I will try to do a post of Thursday so I can link up.
    Love to all:)

  2. I love kettle corn and anything mixed in with popcorn including m&m's. The salt and the sweet - YUMMO!

  3. I am an extra butter and salt person. There is no such thing as too much. :)