Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flutterbye Chronicles Hair Salon

My Gray’s were getting out of hand.

You could only see them when I had my hair pulled back but they were on my nerves

I have a hair appt for some highlights on the ends in a couple weeks. Not really a Ombre but a Sombre. 

Kandee Johnson explains it better then I ever could. Ombre/Sombre←Click the link if you want the explanation.

I was going to wait and let my hair stylist tame this beast, but I could not deal with them any longer and could not wait for the 21st to be able to say sayonara to those ugly gray meanies who invade my hair. Soo Rude….

No before shot Camera.

Booo Me Sad smile.

photo (20)

*I always do my own hair color unless I am getting highlights or something since I am a basic medium brown*

I used a new color from Sally’s Beauty. I got the light brown instead of my usual medium brown cause it looked way dark in this product.

photo (22)

I was kinda scared it would be to light cause you can never trust those hair swatches, but I am loving the color. 

I think this might be the closest I have gotten to my natural color right after a coloring.

photo (21)

Usually it takes a couple washings before it looks like my natural color. So props to this product.  Plus it made my hair really soft then using the ion conditioner after rinsing it out made it even softer.

Bye Bye Gray.

See ya in 6-8 weeksFingers crossed.

Is it Gray or Grey.  After typing it so many times I am questioning my ability to spellConfused smile.

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  1. Is that permanent color? It looks really pretty!
    I think grey can be spelled either way. =)