Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday-Amdro & Bzz Agent

I talked about awaiting a shipment from BzzAngent a couple weeks ago to test the Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System for free to get rid of these:

It arrived last week...YAY

Our video of us putting it together and putting it down on the clover:

2nd day after application
photo (27)

3rd day after application
photo (28)

4th day after application
photo (29)

I think it is safe to say it is working. They are shriveling up and turning brown.

I will fill you in with another update and we will also be testing out the indoor pest cartridge this weekend, but that is a little harder to tell since we don’t have a whole lot of bugs in the house.

Amdro Powerflex system sent to me free from BzzAgent

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