Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

weekly wrap-up 3

Snapshots of my week:

Orientaion went okay on Tuesday. Not as informative as I would have hoped but we have another one at the beginning of the school year. So we will see.

Momma has LOTS OF some anxiety


Bub is kinda excited and nervous at the same time.

photo (19)


Sometimes my child can make me crazy but

I Love Him To The Moon & Back

photo (12)


Parent Pick Up is way to long and boring



We are getting buckets of rain and it is making everyone tired


Not up for photoshoots.



Tilda loves Big Cat Diaries. She sat like this forever and even when she got down she stared at the TV. It was hilarious.


Momma  not so much.

Shows like this make me sad.


We have had soo much rain in one night that there is a puddle under my son’s swing.  Our yard rarely holds water.


How was your week? Umbrella

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  1. The rain needs to STOP!! It's making me crazy!
    parent pickup lines make me pretty crazy too.