Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kids Make Us Crazy

Five things my Angel does that makes me Cray Cray.
photo (12)
Hmm let’s see where do I begin.
Numero Uno is talking back.  Oh my goodness. The Hormones have graced us with there presence and I may not make it through the teenage years without my whole head of hair turning white as snow…No Joke
Dos- shutting his door to his room constantly. Normally I would not care but boy smell settles and makes everything smell like dirt and BO.  Grosssss.
Tres-Leaving one pant leg inside out when he puts it in the laundry basket. Makes me go all Mommy Dearest well not that insane but you get my drift.
Cuatro- Pretending like he does hear me when I am talking to him.  Then getting huh look on his face when I get annoyed because he is not doing what I asked.  Kinda goes with the whole attitude/talking back realm we are venturing into.
Cinco- Homework.  I always get the, “Mom it’s not due til Friday I will do it tomorrow.” or. “Mom let me just take a break and I do it later.” ← later like in 8:30 at night when he should be taking a shower and getting ready for bed. 
My hair may not be white as snow, I may just not have any left when he turns 18Smile with tongue out.
If you see me and I look like this.  Might be best to just walk away or hand me a drinkWinking smileMartini glass
cray cray
**Spanish numbers brought to you by the fact that maybe one of my sons electives next year and I figured I may want to brush on my español.

Here are the vlogging prompts:
1.) April Favorites! Talk about your favorite finds and purchases for the month of April.
2.) Movie Review.
3.) Show us your hidden talent!
4.) Create a video inspired by something you pinned on Pinterest.
5.) 5 Things your kids do that drive you crazy.
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  1. I so get you on the back talking... my kids have been talking back, I mean sassing me, since they could talk.

  2. Those things would drive me crazy too! Maybe you should ask him to watch your video.

  3. I kind of like randomness in channels :) My daughter's compulsion to lick things drives me craaaaazy.