Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayer request

Patrice, my sis-n-law at Blessings Amid Chaos posted this today..
Update & I'm Asking For Your Prayers

Please pray for a speedy recovery from gallbladder surgery for her and for my brother's biopsy results. Thanks:)

And also please continue to pray for stellan

Prayers for Stellan
Update: 3/28/09
My brother received the new of his biopsy yesterday and it's benign! Can I get an Amen to that. Thank you for praying. They will check it again in six months to make sure there are no changes.
And please continue to pray for my sis-n-law whose surgery is probably going to take place in the next two weeks:)


  1. i prayed for them all today...i will again now.

  2. Three prayer requests? It's a good thing I like you. You may ask for as many as you like. They are free in my book. Keep us posted on my BFF's progress and her husband's progress too.

  3. Oh I almost forgot. I already prayed for them today but I will say another one. :)