Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Sky Is The Limit


I went out last night to try my hand a photographing the night sky…Let’s just say my camera app for nighttime does a whole lot better then I do with my DSLR. It was bad…

Like just a big blob of black with a orb bad!Crying face

original night sky

So I added some stars in PSE. It’s still my photo and I made the stars so it counts right??? Smile with tongue out

stary night

Then today I was trying to get some light flare which I got a bit of but I wanted to jazz it up.

original sky

So with the help of The Coffee Shop blog I made a little bit artistic.

oil painting texture on sky

I have been following her blog for a while and I love how she goes through the steps to really teach you how to do stuff.

I guess I better enjoy these blue skies cause according to our weatherman we are in for a soggy weekend.UmbrellaLightningEye rolling smile

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

Just a few pictures I have taken over the past couple days:

Matilda because duh she is gorgeous!! Winking smile LOL

Matilda january 14th with hand edits

Ya’ll our yard does not know what to do with itself since the South doesn’t know what dang season it is.

My aloe & green onions are going nuts.

aloe plant january 15th

It feels like spring here not winter.

sky january 15th

And the weeds are coming up everywhere which makes me sad cause that means grass will start coming back in soon and Matt will be blowed up with a rash. Joys of having a dog allergic to everything…Crying face

fave fence post & back drop in our yard January 16thweed sign in our yard January 16th

Plus these little cuties keep showing up in our yard cause I think they are just as confused as the weather!!!

bird in yard 2 more in focus

Hope you are having lovely weather where you are!

Monday, January 16, 2017

January Ipsy bag

make up monday new

ipsy bag

I received:

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye illumination. I am so excited to try this cause I love the regular bye bye under eye. Full size retails for $24.00.

January 2017 ipsy bag

Pacifica Blushious coconut & rose infused cheek color in the shade wildrose. Retails for $12.00.


This took a lot to build up for a swatch but I have not used it on my cheeks yet so it might not be that way when you apply it.

swatch pacifica

Ciate London geology top coat. Retails for $17.00 (IPSY30)


Pur~lisse blue lotus mud mask + exfoliate. Full size retails for $52.00Disappointed smileit has really good reviews though. (MudIpsy30)

purlise lotion

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm lip gloss. Retails for $22.00 (IPSYGLAM35)

trust fund beauty

I did not realize this was not a clear gloss so I did not swatch it…wha wha wha wha Sad smile It is in the shade Method To The Madness. If you want to see a swatch go HERE

Instead of a swatch here is a squirrel doing the hoola hoop!!


Do you forgive me? Winking smile

Happy MondayRed lips