Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Family Time

My nephew Bradley & niece-n-luv Rebecca have been in town this week and we have been taking advantage of the beach being not to far from us. Rebecca had never been to the beach so it was fun to see her reaction seeing it for the first time.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bzz- Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza

We already buy Red Baron Pizza because it is my sons favorite after school snack! Pizza
I was sent a coupon from Bzz Agent to purchase the new brick oven crust Red Baron pizza! The crust definitely looks way better just from the box.
Bub picked the plain cheese cause he only really likes that and the pepperoni.  (PS I bought both)
My son popped it in the oven.
and not so patiently waited.
Looks good right…
My son ate the WHOLE thing so I am thinking he loved it!!! Did not save even one morsel for poor Mom!!
Don’t ya love my fancy plates. Winking smile
So I definitely think this is worth a try!!

I was sent a coupon for free to try this product but these are my personal opinions. Noone told me or paid me to post a good or bad review on this product!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

PB Coffee Banana Smoothie

Guys it is hotter then Hades down here!

Like 100 degrees and above hot!

So I decided to concoct a cool drink yesterday using this Jif peanut butter powder I saw at the store the other day!

It says on the back of the bag to add ice cubes, skim milk, bananas & the powder for a healthy drink....Well I was tired soooo I replaced the skim milk with International Delight Mocha iced coffee cause I like to make things that are supposed to be healthy for me unhealthy LOL! 

It turned out good although my son said leave out the banana next time cause ya know he likes to make things even more unhealthy just like his mama! 

Happy Friday!