Friday, January 19, 2018

Flashy Friday

flashy friday

52 Week Photography Challenge

Since I started this challenge late per usual I am posting weeks 1-3.

Week 1 – Self Portrait

Here you were supposed to use your self timer on your camera to take a selfie. I was gonna cheat cause I have not been feeling the best these past few days and use this one that I took when we were at the river this past weekend.

Shadow Selfie At River (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

But I pulled myself together yesterday and broke out my Nikon remote that I have had for mmmm I’m gonna say 4 months and it was still in the package. Yeah I am not sure why I put off figuring that out for so long cause it took like not even 5 minutes to set up. Anywho here those are in all their glory and my thought process you’re welcome!Winking smile

Self Portrait For 52 Challenge (copyright  Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

“Yep that is not in focus!”

Self Portrait For 52 Challenge (copyright  Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

“Do I even know what I am doing?”

Self Portrait watermarked

“Oh here we go and as good as it’s gonna get!!”

Excuse my hideous hair it was still half wet and I had to cancel my hair appt this week because of the heebeegeebee’s that has taken over my body…being sick sucks!!Crying face

Week 2 – Traditional Landscape

This was pretty easy it just said to shoot a nice landscape and find a nice foreground to focus on and include the sky.

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Nailed it!!! LOL just kidding.

These were just for fun and because hello cute deer jumping around in the woods!!

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Week 3 – Red

We were supposed to shoot whatever inspires us with a focus on Red.

This was kinda hard. I had to walk around my house looking for something red that inspires me cause there is definitely nothing red outside right now in this cold. Then I saw it. Ornaments on my Great Aunt Helen’s Angel tree. She inspired me so much growing up. She was so confident in herself and did not take no crap from no one but she was also so young at heart and fun. She lived to be 92 and I miss her everyday!! When she passed away she left me her Angel Tree since I had given her most of the angel ornaments on it in years past for Christmas.

I love this little lady gardener fairy ornament

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

And this cute old cable car

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

But the Angels on the tree are my favorite and there are a bunch!

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

I can feel her presence when I am in that room with her tree and yes I keep it up year round!

Yay I am caught up!! Woot WootParty smile

Happy Friday Ya’ll!Camera

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Meme Throwback

Just a throwback to an old Meme. Thought it would be fun to see my answers from 2009
Tag Your it

I was tagged by H-Mama for this tag in 2009 but instagram has since ate her blog. laughing face

A little history lesson on the meme: So here goes memememeeee, ahem: I forget what Linda said meme meant, hold on a second, o.k. I'm back it means: Memes are conduits of sameness. That is, they're thematic in nature. We're answering the same questions that have no right or wrong answers! The same! La meme! Go check out this link to see the whole explanation Viva La Meme (Linda no longer blogs Crying face)

8 things I am looking forward to...

  • Summer Vacation (I more look forward to Spring now cause Summer is hella hot down here!!)
  • The Beach (Always love the ocean)
  • Swimming (Definitely especially when it is too hot to do anything else)
  • Finishing my 30x5 having lost a few pounds so I look somewhat decent in my bathing suit for all the summer fun (I will have to look into what that was maybe I should start doing that again.)
  • Starting on my scrapbooks when school is over with all the art work and papers from this year--I have to start at Pre-k though so this will be a task. (I um yeah not sure I completed those. I don't know smile)
  • Family time outside grilling and swimming. (Yep still love it!)
  • Spending time with friends I have not gotten to see during the school year. (Since Bub is in college/virtual high school I get to do this during the week now! Woot WootMartini glass)
  • Did I mention Summer Vacation:) (I was in PFA/volunteered all the time so it was busy busy 24/7 so summer was my break too!)

  • 8 things I did yesterday...

  • Tried to convince Bub it would be a fun day at school, to which he was not buying anything I was saying (LOL this happened all the time until he went full time virtual in high school. Now he likes school much more but still isn’t the biggest fan.)
  • Set up for the honor roll cookout (Honestly I miss those days. They were hard work but us PFA ladies had a good time serving the kids.)
  • Served honor roll lunch (See above Winking smile)
  • Ate lunch (And you know I still do this LOL)
  • Helped take down honor roll cookout (See above Winking smile)
  • Checked Bub out and took him to the Dentist (We just did that in December but no checking out we just went.)
  • Chick-Fil-A (dinner) and Grocery (Mmmm Chick-Fil-A..although I do have a bone to pick with them for getting rid of my chicken salad sandwich What The French Chick-Fil-A Steaming mad and ya’ll know I hate the money stealer!!)
  • Checked my blog, facebook, tried the whole twitter thing again--I don't get it?? (And I still don’t get twitter? Why do I want to answer someone's tweet and have the whole world read it??Confused smile)

  • 8 things I wish I could do...

  • Sing, I think that is such an awesome gift to have (Yep still wish this!)
  • Get a new camera so I can take better photos (Got a DSLR finally several years ago and now I want a new one. LOL)
  • Make Hubby's life less stressful (Yeah still working on that !Winking smile)
  • Not be so stressed myself (And still working on this as well!)
  • Go on another vacay to the Caribbean (We did this several times but I am not sure if this was before or after this meme? I do still want to take Bub on a trip like this cause he did not get to go on the others)
  • Organize my guest bedroom closet.. Just can't find the motivation (Done…and now it needs to be organized again Disappointed smileughhh)
  • Keep my son young a little longer, He is growing up so fast. (Um that didn’t work sigh…)
  • Protect all the children and animals from the harsh world we live in, but I can pray for them and God will protect them for me. (Still wish this and this world has gotten much worse…why can’t people just be nice for goodness sake!!!)

  • 8 shows I watch...

  • One Life To Live (cancelled Crying face)
  • General Hospital (Still watch it)
  • Jon & Kate +8 (yeah not sure why I was watching that train wreck?)
  • LOST (Miss this show so much)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Quit watching when most of my fave characters got killed off or left)
  • Food Network, any and all shows (Still watch it)
  • HGTV, any and all shows (Still watch it)
  • E, it is addictive, I usually only watch E News to see what crazy stuff the celebrities are getting into these days:) (Never watch this again why was I watching this train wreck??)
  • So that’s it. If you want to do this meme I officially tag you!! tag your it

    **dog pic was originally from can’t seem to find it there now**

    Wednesday, January 17, 2018

    Living Without Fear

    “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

    Living Without Fear (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

    I have a hard time with this concept most days. I have always had a bit of anxiety but after my son was born it tripled. I was scared of everything and was worried/fearful something would happen to him. I mean let’s be honest in this batpoop-2024794_1280 world we live in I still am but I handle it a bit better now. I still get anxiety when we are doing something on the fly because I feel unprepared but even if it is something we planned I also get no sleep the night before worrying about everything that can go wrong but instead of just cancelling plans or saying “Ya’ll go I will stay here.” I breathe through it and go cause I don’t want to miss the moments that I know I will cherish forever.

    Living Without Fear (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

    One day in the near future my precious boy (i.e. manchild) will venture out on his own and I won’t get to see him everyday so when there is a chance to spend a day with him soaking up our surroundings and listening to his crazy funny ideas and stories I don’t care how anxious it makes me I don’t hesitate to take the journey.

    Living Without Fear (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

    So this year he wants to do more adventures in the wilderness around our state and maybe even venturing into other states and that is what we are gonna do.

    So get out and get some fresh air and have some unforgettable moments!

    “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~Helen Keller