Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday wrap up

Well this has been a very busy week. Lots of volunteering at the school and running around to prepare for our trip to the bahamas. On top of that hubby has had a pretty stressful week at work so I am ready for next week so he can relax.

The other day I went and got my hair did:

I think I figured out why this is my arch nemesis

because of this, (I think this is Ginger's weakness as well, she stood next to me the whole time I was making them in hopes of getting a tiny morsel, which she did of course).
Isn't she so precious, who could turn down such a face:)

and this, if only I could eat so many oreos and still be that skinny.

I went shopping for these for two days
and ended up with these by the end of my shopping day yesterday. After trying on heels for two days I could barely feel my feet. Needless to say me and hubby will be headed to the mall this weekend.

Then I got my nails done aren't they pretty.. Bahamas here we come:) Hoping hubby has this relaxing look on his face once we arrive. Sorry if I have published like a million times, but everytime I do the pics get all messed up.. ughhh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dinosaur yummys

Me and my mom were out and about shopping the other day and we found this muffin pan at Target, (other wise know as Tarjay), and I just had to buy it. Isn't it cute:)

Tonight I had to make some yummy chocolate muffins to try it out and look how cute they turned out. My son thinks they are roaralicious.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My sister-n-law Patrice at was doing a little meme using a letter and I thought I would join in the fun. She sent me the letter L.

If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on...

LOVE I love to be loved
LIFE I love my life
LEMONS I like lemon in my water
LIBRARY I volunteer at the library and I love it
LOBSTER I would eat them everyday if I could
LADYBUGS I think they are very pretty and cute
LIZARDS I know I am crazy, but I think they are cute and my son loves them
LOG CABINS My favorite place to go on vacation in TN
LABRADORS I love them even though I don't have one I get to love on my neighbors
LABOR Even though I really did not love it all the work was worth it to see my son

If anyone wants to give it a go leave me a comment.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skate station fun and video games

Me and my son went to Skate Station for Family night for his school last night, hubby had to work. Although he can not skate very well, since he has only been twice, he had a blast. I know I am a bad parent not taking my child to the roller rink, but I do not skate and my husband won't either, so I have to go when there are others who can take him out on the floor. My pics are a little blurry and make my sons head look funny, but all I had was my phone. Bub had so much fun, but at the end of the night had a migraine and since I did not have his medicine with me off to Mcdonalds we went to grab a coke and something to eat to tide him over till we made it home. He came right in the door got his medicine and went and laid down -- poor thing. A little while later he came out and wanted to watch Daddy play video games. Bub fell asleep watching him play. Here are some shots of them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whoever invented the bathing suit should be ........

Why were bathing suits created? I think to make all women dread the summer, atleast the ones that don't look like super models. Me and my hubby are going to the bahamas in a week and 1/2 for a business/leisure trip and I have been on a mad search for a new bathing suit -- ughhh. I always order from Victoria Secret because they have the push up bathing suits and after having a kid you need all the pushing up you can get -- am I right ladies.. Anyway I ordered a bunch a couple weeks ago, tried them all on and was like oh no these are going back. I ordered some more and still they are just all wrong. I thought the lighting was bad in department stores, I think my home is worse. The fact that it is winter, 45 degrees outside and I am white and pasty looking probably is not helping either. I have returned my last order and am now waiting for the arrival of my next order, hoping that I will look decent in one of these. Who knows maybe it won't be very warm and I won't even need a bathing suit -- a girl can dream:).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's all about the Dog.....

Today I am posting about my dog Ginger. She is a Boston Terrier and also the one eyed bandit. My hubby says I love her more than the whole family, but that is simply not true. She is just the only one who will listen to me complain all day and not have anything to say about it. She never talks back or argues:) I mean how can you not love her..

She is a little spoiled, but she was in an accident a couple years back and lost an eye and I just can't help it. We used to have another dog and he went a little nutso one day and we ended up at the emergency vet. Ginger ended up needing her eye removed 2 weeks later and our other dog went to live else where, where he could be an only dog.

Here are some pics of her is all her glory:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

In 2009 the government will start deporting all the mentally ill people. I started crying when I thought of you. Run my crazy friend, run! Well, what can I say?? Someone sent it to me and I'm NOT going alone!!
Not much going on today so I thought I would send out something to make ya'll laugh:)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sneak attacked

I have been sneak attacked and did not even realize it until it was too late--hahaha. I went over to Jeanette's at Our Crazy kids...I mean life after she left me a comment and bam I now have homework:) Here is goes, I am supposed to go to my picture file and go to the 4th folder and the 4th picture in the folder and then explain the picture. For some reason I can not get the pic to load in the place I want it too (Patrice Help). Anyway here is the explanation. This is me and my hubby on our honeymoon in Gatlinburg at Dollywood. Aren't we cute and young:) Soo guess what now it is your turn, so get to work--hehe.

My babies

I did not know exactly how I would start this post, but I thought I should explain my 3 angel babies. I have my 1st baby which is my son who is a blessing and a miracle. We did not know when we got pregnant with him that he would be such a miracle, but soon learned over the years how much of one he is. My first pregnancy was pretty uneventful accept for the all day sickness and the toxemia I got at the end that made be blow up like a blowfish-ughh. I also looked like Freddy Crooger had gotten ahold of me, (ie-stretch marks, which I call blessing marks), from all the water weight I gained when the toxemia came on. Anyway Bub was born and he was just a very handsome little boy. He had colic so it was trying at first, but he was perfect and healthy. I had many problems hormonally after he was born so I was in and out of doctors offices for 2 years having every test under the sun run on me to which they only found out that I had some sort of autoimmune problem but they just could not pin point what. They gave me the go ahead to get pregnant so I got pregnant and 10 weeks later had a miscarriage and it was devastating so that was my first angel baby. I found myself back in the doctors offices and having more tests run only to be told it was probably chromosomal problems with the baby and to try again. I was not about to go thru that again so we waited a couple years tried again and 10 weeks later another miscarriage and my second angel baby. Here we go again to the doctors and all I could get was we will put you on prometrium next time -- all I could think was "ahhh next time do you think I can go thru this again." Well I really wanted a second child so a couple years after that we tried again and this time I made it to 17 weeks, but the baby had died at 14 and that was considered a Fetal death and this was even more heartbreaking than the first two, because I could actually see the baby in the sonogram. And that would be my third angel baby. What made the last pregnancy so bad was we had already told Bub and my husband had to explain to him that the baby did not grow properly and was in heaven. I have since seen my reproductive endocrinologist, who I started seeing right after Bub was born and he thinks I have some sort of blood clotting disorder that only shows up when I am pregnant and cuts off the baby's blood supply and the medications they want to put me on, aspirin and heparin, if I try again could also cause problems with delivery so I am not willing to chance it. I have my miracle child and he is my world and my 3 angel babies are being well taken care of in heaven and are watching over us.
**I changed my son's name in all of my posts to Bub, because I am paranoid like that:)**

Friday, January 16, 2009

These are from a pretty cool blog I found yesterday. .

The Name Game

Well I just wanted to give a little history for the name of my blog. When my son was little he could not say butterflies so he called them flutterbyes. I myself have always loved butterflies because of the miracle that happens when they change. They start out as these little caterpillars that crawl around on the ground and many think are ugly, but I think they are cute, then turn into these gorgeous brightly colored creatures that can fly. There is just something freeing about a butterfly. In a way to me it is kind of like our lives, we start out crawling and transforming as we grow and then one day God willing all the sin, (ugliness of a catipillar), will be washed away and we will all fly with the angels in heaven. So that is why I named my blog flutterbye chronicles.

I want to give a big shout out to my sis-n-law for creating my beautiful website over at purrfect designs. She is the best. Go visit her website if you need a blog makeover .

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