Friday, January 29, 2016

January Ipsy Bag & Update

I am not going into great detail with this bag so here is the “shortened” version…
Winking smile
The bag this month is super cute!!


I got a bonus item for trading in some points. This GlamGlow mask is nice but I don’t think I would ever pay that much for a mask when you can get a ginourmous container of aztec clay mask at your local all natural shop for like $10 that will last you a bazillion years and basically sucks the same crud out of your face as this does.


I got:
A Mitchell & Peach body cream…Meh

Pur-Lisse eye cream…verdict is still out

The Balm eye liner which I love!!

A “Smudge Brush” from the brand Beau Gâchis® Paris. I would call this more of a small fluffy brush.

And a Hikari eye shadow that is really pretty!!

All in all a good bag!!Red lips
Now as far as a update. My son is still not feeling great and it comes in waves. We had to switch him to a blended schedule with mostly virtual classes cause it was getting to be too stressful trying to keep up with what needed to be done for school and when it needed to be turned in and if Mommy could explain that shiz…so this works out way better and we are both less stressed. Now if we could just figure out what is wrong with my child that would be awesome. Smile with tongue out
January has been nuts and I am ready for it too be gone!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Am Still Here

Sorry no posts but remember when I said I was over this month…well now I am beyond over this month LOL. Winking smile

After my last post Bub continued to not feel well and it has been a week and a half and still doesn’t feel well so we are off to a specialist on Monday. Hopefully it is something they can fix up real quick cause he needs to go back to school. Momma never took Geometry and I litterally want to poke my eyes out trying to help him with it. Smile with tongue out Give me Algebra or Statistics and I can figure that ish out even with this new common core crap but Geometry um NO THANK YOU!! Punch

So anyway that is what my exciting life has consisted of. I hope your January is going much better. Smile

Friday, January 15, 2016

I Am Over This Month

This week has been a lot of waiting with lots of coffee drinking.

My Dad had knee surgery Monday which went very well and he is home now and moving around quite well.

My Father-n-law had heart surgery Tuesday which the doctors said went great but his recovery has been a little trying. Hopefully today is the day he feels a lot better. So please pray for him.

And then this one ↓

My son not the dog has some sort of stomach pain issue that neither me or the doctors can figure out.

My Mom, Brother and myself all have gastrointestinal disorders (fun stuff) so the doctor is trying to figure out if it is something like that or if he ate something that is causing it. So anyway I have been going between home, the hospital and the doctor's office most of the week.

I know it's not the months fault or anything but I think January 2016 is just not my month and I am ready to see it's little booty go!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back To Reality/Out To Dinner

This past week and a half I have basically lived in my yoga pants or pjs even if I had to go somewhere I just did not care. If you saw me and judged I was like whatevs kiss my booty. I was just so focused on Ginger that I just could not be bothered. But I have to start trying to get back to some sort of normalcy.

Yesterday I peeled myself out of my yoga pants and got dressed to take my son to Target and then came right home and put back on my yoga pants and assumed my position on my couch with Matt and Matilda.

Today I got dressed and actually kind of participated in society by going out to late lunch/early dinner with my parents.

My Dad is having knee surgery tomorrow so we wanted him to have a yummy meal before the whole no food after midnight thing.

It was so nice to spend a couple hours with them talking and eating yummy food.

I am back in my comfy yoga pants snuggled up with Matt & Matilda close by but I call that progress.

Please say a prayer that my Dad's surgery is a success and he recovers quickly.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weary and Broken

I am definitely weary and broken right now.

Love this song and so need it.

I am glad I have video of my baby girl so I can still listen to her demand her snacks and meals. It's comforting.


One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

Yesterday was heartbreaking, terrifying, bittersweet…any any other word for just plain awful.

My baby girl went to puppy heaven.


Ginger went downhill in a matter of a week and we found out she had liver cancer this past Saturday. All her labs earlier this year came back normal. She still had a sludgy gallbladder but her levels were good and we still suspected a bit of cushings. Her weight had dropped a bit at a time but we all chalked it up to old age. I wish I had seen the signs earlier and really known what to look for but since our furbabies can’t talk I just had no clue. She still did all her favorite things which consisted of eating, swimming, sleeping and eating some more.

I just can’t believe this was last Christmas…


I am broken without her. I just really don’t know how to function right now. Not even sure why I am typing this post….

Maybe its theraputic??

All I can hope is that she met up with my old best friend Malibu


And all of my other fur babies I had as a child/young adult.

and maybe she will get to visit with my Great Aunt Helen who loved her so much and would always play tug of war with her. Ginger never gave up her toy. Winking smile


I will miss her snuggles


and my swimming buddy


and Daddy’s fire buddy


Brad made her the most beautiful grave right out by the fire pit. She loved to sit out there with her Daddy.


We did all her favorite things before she passed. Sat out in the sun and let it hit her face. Ate a #cheeseburger and fries from ickdonalds even though she could only eat a little bit of it. Gave her a nice warm bath in my garden tub so she could feel like she was in the swimming pool. Put on our fire DVD while we snuggled on the floor so she could hear the crackling fire.

She was ready but I would have forever not been ready.

Please keep the prayers coming.