Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I’m Here I Promise


Well I must say I am just not being the blogger I used to be, but my computer is always occupied by these two:


Mainly the one with the hat looking all sweet

We have been pretty busy decorating

DSC00676 DSC00686

DSC00689 DSC00693

Watching Christmas Movies:

DSC00708 DSC00713




Having Photo Sessions:

Caleb Christmas 2009 

Yes I will get Christmas cards out this year (now that I have put it on my blog I will be held accountableimage )

And Demo:


Wait…What…Not Christmassy I know, but long story short right before we had family in for Thanksgiving Tiles started falling off the wall in our shower when hubby went to re grout.


Seems the people who installed our shower did not grout or seal it properly therefore the green board or whatever got soaking wet.  I was stressed that only having one shower with 8 people in the house was going to be madness, but it wasn’t☺and we all survived. 

We always wanted to redo this shower, just not at Christmas time….but you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit as my son’s 1st grade teacher used to say.

And Just Because:


This little guy showed up a couple weeks ago and comes to our fence about once or twice a week to hang out and squirrel watch.

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Having a Moment


The other day me and the family were watching old movies of my son at various Christmas’s.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching my son watch himself when he was really little.  He thought it was funny that he was such a Ham in front of the camera and every time he saw it he would smile real hard and squint his little eyes. 

But a part of me was sad.  I miss how he looked at me as a baby, like I was the best thing since a fresh diaper.


Now I get the sideways stare like my parents have lost their ever living mind.P1040542

  I miss him wanting to always snuggle and watch movies.  I miss his misspoken words that were so cute, he still has some he spits out wrong from time to time, but not like when he was really little.  I miss his unsteady walking.  I just miss him being little. 

I know, I know come back to reality Jenny don’t you remember him having the worst colic known to man and all the nights you wished he would sleep…  Not to mention the fact that your hormones went so far out of whack that you had a steady hot flash for 3 years.  But look how cute ….



 Scan014 Scan009


How could I not miss his little squishy cheeks

I’ll get over it and I know he still likes to snuggle on his terms, but I just hope that it doesn’t end too soon because I am just not ready for him to be too big.

bub sleeping