Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Em Cosmetics First Impression

I finally got this video to load. I swear youtube hates me. I shot it with my iphone because it was handy when it arrived in the mail so excuse the quality.

This is just a "unboxing" of some of the products I ordered from Michelle Phan's new makeup line Em Cosmetics.  This past weekend she ran a special. You could buy a lipstick, liner & receive a sample life palette (warm fuzzies) for $27.50 with free shipping. Which came out to $29.42 plus tax. I thought that was a pretty good deal to try her new line.

The Lipstick is in the color Misty Mauve. After wearing it for several hours I am really liking it. It is a very creamy formula and feels very nice on your lips.

The Waterliner eyeliner is in the color amazing gray. I have only worn this for about 3 hours today so I am not sure how it will hold up all day. But with that being said it is doing a great job.  It has nice pigment and staying power so far. It also glides on pretty well and does not pull at your eyes so that is always a plus.

I have not tried the sample life palette in warm fuzzies, but I will let you know when I do.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Makeup Monday- It’s Ipsy Bag Time

Makeup Monday

My Ipsy bag came in on Friday and this month bag was pretty darn good Open-mouthed smile

Ipsy is a $10 monthly beauty subscription. Check them out.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

He survived the first week of Jr High


First week of Jr. High is in the books.

I was a basket case last Monday night, but my son was all cool, calm and collected. He  kept telling me, “Mom it’s just school”.

He found all his classes with no problems at all and breezed through the week like a champ. He even had no issues with his Invisalign at lunch.

So I guess in the end he was right.

It’s just school.

Although I am still a bundle of nerves. Confused smile

Monday, August 12, 2013

Makeup Monday- Back To School Ramblings & ELF Baked Shadows


I usually have this post up when the sun rises, but I did not get around to blogging this weekend. We have been engulfed in getting all my sons school supplies ready to go for tomorrow.  Thank goodness I bought most of the supplies on clearance last year.

Awesome tip if you have the school supply list for this year especially for elementary it rarely changes so when everything goes on clearance buy what you need for the following year. Makes back to school shopping so much easier and way less expensive.

I am not ready for this big step to Junior High but my son is not phased by it at all so I have to keep my cool and just go with it. Even though I am a bundle of nerves and want to cry all day cause he is growing up toooo fast.


Makeup Monday

Now for the makeup.  I bought these ELF baked shadows a couple months ago at Target. For $3 each I am quite impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power with and without primer.


I have them in the colors Toasted, Dusk and Bark





You can also buy them at the ELF Website.  They  have a baked eyeshadow palette if you want to try them all for $10.

Happy MondayRed lips

Monday, August 5, 2013

Makeup Monday-Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze

Makeup Monday

On Friday I went into Walgreens to get toothpaste and came across this



It is called Three’s A Party and they are from the Wet-N-Wild Pop Art Craze color icon trio collection. I am not sure how I will wear this, but they were GA Bulldog colors so I had to have. My friend suggested it would be great for a zombie look for Halloween. So maybe I will have to test them out on BubWinking smile

I also picked up Hard Being The It Girl because I really like the Brow bone and Eyelid shades.



They were $2.99 so if you want some fun colors for special events or if you like to wear bold colors everyday these are definitely on the cheap and pretty good quality.

Happy MondayRed lips

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Thursday-100% Pure

Thumb up or down blog

I bought two products through the 100% pure website about 2 months ago. I can not believe it has been that long. Is summer vacation really almost over Crying face.

The two items were the Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream try saying that three times fast & the Glossy Locks Honey Coconut Milk Conditioner.


I absolutely love the eye cream. It claims to depuff while increasing circulation to brighten dark circles and make the eye area look more wide awake and youthful.


I have noticed that my under eyes look brighter and definitely not as puffy.  But the main reason I love this stuff is it smells like a coffee latte.  I just want to eat it but I won’t. I also have no sensitivities to the formula. So a big thumbs up for the eye cream.


I absolutely do not like the Conditioner. It claims to detangle, gloss and repair damaged dried out hair.  All I can say is a big fat No Ma’am it does not.


First off it smells awful.  One review I read after the fact said it smelled like play dough and I have to agree but more like Coconut honey infused play dough. Umm Grooossssss.Disappointed smile

It felt very odd in my hair to. It was more thick and greasy feeling then glossy and detangling. 

I only paid $8 for this product and did not feel like dealing with the hassle of returning it so I decided to use it as shaving cream and I must say it works well, but still smells so definitely a thumbs down.

I think from now on I will stick with ordering the 100% pure products and not any of the other brands on their site. I really want to try their makeup line that is made with fruits, teas, coffee and chocolate… Mmmmm my face will be smelling yummy. Rolling on the floor laughingRed lips