Friday, June 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

You would think with all the Muffin Goodness I made this week that I would be cramming my face with them every chance I get, but I have been saving my muffins for breakfast only.
By the way I made some more muffins, because ya know you can never have enough. They are Lemon Blueberry Muffins and you can find the recipe here.

P1040769 P1040770
I have a new yummy dessert and it is pretty good for you.
Take Yoplait Light Boston Cream Pie
or Yoplait Banana Cream Pie and
mix in some Sweet and Crunchy peanuts
Let me tell you it is soooo good.

Now on to my Fave pic of the week.

Carnival hosted by Lolli over at Better in Bulk:

This is the Basil my husband it growing.  I can’t believe it survived let alone how vibrant it is.

Puppy News :
Ginger has not been feeling well this week. She is having trouble jumping up on to things and we are not sure why. It started Wednesday Night. So now she just puts her two front feet up on the couch and then sits their grunting and pouting until someone picks her up. We think she might have pulled a muscle. She went to Gram and Paps with Bub on Monday to go swimming and to play with their dogs which she is not used to since she is an only puppy so she may have just over exerted herself or she could have done it here jumping off the couch or running in the backyard. We have a Border Collie that lives next door and she is obsessed with Ginger so she sits next to the fence all day waiting for Ginger to come out so they can run up and down the fence line together. Anyway, Ginger is milking this because she is constantly standing here.
P1040775 What might you ask is so pertinent about this cabinet. Well her treats are behind door number one and she knows it, so she just sits and waits and stares at you with her sad one eye until you cave and give her one.

P1040773Who could deny this face. I know I can’t.
If she is still not able to jump by next week we will be going to the vet.
And just for fun.

Bub’s teacher gave me this Bamboo plant at the end of the year and it is almost July and it is still alive. It is a cause for celebration and the fact that it is Friday.


  1. I think the peanut idea sounds great. I almost invented that myself. I was wondering what else I could add.

  2. Wow! That is some healthy basil! :) I always seem to kill my indoor herbs.

  3. WOW I love the Basil, I always kill indoor plants.

  4. I will have to try the peanut idea. A super easy dessert recipe...and it cane be low fat too...take 2 yogurts of any kind and any flavor...could be fat free if you want, add to cool whip, put in graham cracker crust and freeze, take out about an hour before serving...Viola....yummy dessert!

    The basil looks fantastic! And your poor pupper...I hope she gets better quick!

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  6. Boston cream pie is my favorite yogurt, that would be good with the salty peanuts.
    sorry to hear your pup lost its pep, He is so cute. Jenny

  7. Are you a house plant killer like I am? If I go into the garden section of a store, my sons will pretend to be the plants screaming, "Don't pick me, don't pick me! I don't want to die!" Nice, huh?

  8. Thanks for all the warm wishes for Ginger, she seems to be doing a little better. She jumped on the chair and only had a little bit of difficulty.

    I am known to kill plants, I have a little bit of a gray thumb I guess. I don't necessarily kill all the plants I come in contact with like someone with a black thumb would. I am getting a little bit better at keeping them alive..

    Thanks for the ideas with the yogurt too, I will have to try them.

  9. The Boston I used to have got backaches a lot and couldn't jump. We'd give her 1 baby aspirin (the orange ones) and she'd be good as new the next day. As she aged, she'd need them more often, but never more than 1 a day. She weighed 24 lbs. I'd consult your vet first, then if he/she gives the okay, give it a try!

  10. i will definately try the peanuts and yogurt. yum. and i'll bet those muffins are delish too!