Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello out there

Sorry I have been MIA lately, but I was reading the Twilight Series and Vampire Diaries and I could not put them down, I literally read both series in 2 weeks. I have also been pretty busy up at the school.

My computer has also been taken over by my son who got a new game for his b-day and is on it constantly….I need a laptop something fierce.

Soo here is some randomness:

While scouring every store under the sun this weekend trying to find Higgins, My sis-n-law’s Pooch, a Small Rooster costume to no avail I came across this really cute Scarf and Glove set at Tarjay….Love that store.


Cute Huh? The gloves are the kind with no fingers which I love because I can never pick up anything with gloves on


It got pretty chilly down here this weekend so we built our first fire




The whole family loves sitting outside by the fire, but this is Ginger’s favorites thing ever….She can be freezing and she won’t leave the fire, (I put her jacket on after this photo was taken).

Just some random pics:

How every member of the male species falls asleep….LOL


Isn’t he cute, my little man is getting so big:



  1. I love to read. Cute pics!

  2. It felt like a fire here this weekend since it was 100 degrees!

  3. Love the gloves...I am going to need them, soon. Glad you are back with us.

    Blessings, andrea

  4. I want to see a picture of Ginger in her sweater. :-)

  5. We built a fire outside too and the cats all came to visit. They get along when they all want to stay warm. :) Have you seen the dog costume photos that are going around. I could see Higgins as a lobster. :)

  6. Thanks for all the comments. I will try to post a pic of Ginger in her many sweaters ;)

    Greg I will have to let Patrice know about the Lobster, but I think Higgies had his heart set on the Rooster.... ;) LOL

  7. I have missed you but alas I have been just as AWOL as you...

    It has been a bit nippy here to! But our nippy and your nippy have two different meanings. Our nippy means that we had sleet mixed with our rain. How about yours?!

  8. I've been MIA too! It just seems so busy around here lately.

    I have read Twilight a few times (sad, I know) but have yet to read Vampire Diaries...I'll have to check those out.