Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh My Sweat

**Warning if you have hot flashes or are eating you may not want to read this**



I know I complained when it was winter and we were in the teens and I was drying clothes and putting them on me to stay warm, but geesh I meant I wanted it to be in the mid to upper 80’s not so hot I felt a hot flash coming on just by looking out the window.  My dang AC can’t even keep up, I’m having to keep the blinds shut to keep the heat out and I feel like I am in a cave.

The pool is not even refreshing


And this is stuck in my head.  Make it stop


Yep there’s moreSurprised

We are going to call Matilda’s Litter droppings crunchy treasures

and you know who likes those crunchy treasures and who has had Diarrhea and has been throwing up all day..

DSC02156Yep and Gross..

Had to call the vet and get a RX for her, because she kept me up all night whimpering from an upset stomach.  Anyone got any suggestions to make her stop, I don’t think this little stomach issue will stop her.  What is with animals and eating poop…yuck.

No wonder she wants to be best friends with Matilda



  1. I know what you mean...except we dont even have a pool!

  2. my dog does the same thing! it's disgusting and i cannot make him stop! what will we do with these dogs???? i'm with you on the heat too, i seem to stay inside in the summer more than ever when its hot. my kids are out and about in it but i guess im just not that young anymore, it bothers me!

  3. What a cute pup. We have a pug,and I really do think he feels he is human. Thank you for letting me visit.

  4. Eating poop? Ewe. Hope those tummy troubles get cleared up soon, poor baby.