Saturday, July 30, 2011

I don't wanna go


Summer is almost over &

School shopping has begun

I think me and my son feel the same way:

School = No Fun

Thank goodness I did the school supply shopping for this year last year when school started and I could get everything on the cheap.  I highly recommend it.

School clothes and shoes on the other hand.. Well you just can't buy those ahead of time with a growing boy so we will be partaking in that madness this coming week.

This will be the both of us after shopping and the first day of school.

Pray for me 


  1. Oh crap...summer is almost over

  2. Pray for me too cause I will never be able to get ahold of you cause you will always be at school...ugh!

  3. PRAYER WAS SAID. It's a tough time of year! Not to mention, HOT!