Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid Week Update

Just a update on the stray ie: Matt
He is doing much better and is very happy his rash is gone

Ginger is chomping at the bit to meet him, but one eyed dog + big dog = scared mommy
(Truthfully he is a gentle giant and I don't think would hurt a fly.  He plays well with other dogs in the neighborhood.)
She keeps her eye on him though ;)

And when she is not she assumes her usual position.

Tilda has been on a bit of high alert, but she is even getting used to "Matt".  She lays in the window and just watches him.  (no pictures of that yet.)

All in all we are having a good week.  Bub is enjoying playing with the big dog until he finds a forever home and "Matt" in enjoying laying in the shade on our picnic table ;)

Even Brad has enjoyed playing ball with him

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