Monday, November 24, 2014

Makeup Monday- Sans Makeup

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Coffee Break With Dani inspired me the other day to clean my brushes when she posted a picture to instagram (click here for the picture)

I had been putting it off but it needed to be done.

She had this cool little doo dad to clean hers called a brush egg, but I didn’t have a cool doo dad so I just did the Jenny version and used the back of my shower brush thing since it has little nodules on the back.

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Keeping it classy folksWinking smile!

I just mix a little Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Soap with warm water in my cup and dip my brushes in my cup and swirl them around. I then sweep them over the back of the shower brush while running them under water to get all the makeup off. Once the water runs clear then they are clean.

At this point I started getting very uninspired and I still had more.. Why do I have sooo many brushes!!!!Smile with tongue out

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But I carried on and got them all done.

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Woo hoo clean brushes!! Rolling on the floor laughing

I think I might need to look into getting a egg thing!!

The Original BrushEgg - Cosmetic Make-Up Brush Cleaning Tool (Pink)

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I also got a new shower cleanser from 100% pure.

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I did not know they sell this brand at Ulta now and you can use your coupon cause it’s not considered prestige!


This stuff smells so good.

It smells like vanilla obviously but it smells like a vanilla taffy or some kind of vanilla confection from my childhood. I literally try to pinpoint the exact scent every time I am in the shower now.

Anyway I love it and I love this brand!

↓Go check them out↓

100% Pure

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This has nothing to do with beauty or makeup but look how cute this change purse is I got on clearance at Pier One!

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They had a bunch of different styles which would be perfect for girls for Christmas!

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Happy Monday!!!

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