Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning

I woke up at 6 this morning because my husbands alarm went off and I could not go back to sleep. story of my life

So at 8 I decided what better way to spend my time then to make some peanut butter balls
One may have been eaten as my breakfast ;)

Then it was time to address the elephant grey hair in the room!!

I went to my favorite stylist the other day to get my hair cut but had to resist the urge to have her color my hair since I was sent the new Vidal Sassoon Stylist kit to test out for free from bzz agent.

Staring at my grey poking thru as she was styling my hair was almost to much for me! I just wanted them covered up. 

I mean I could pass as Mrs. Claus with these roots :/ 
Not that there is anything wrong with Mrs. Claus. I am sure she is a lovely lady ;)

These bad boys needed to go and today was the day!

I always keep makeup wipes handy and apply some Alba un-petroleum to my hair line so I don't end up with a lovely ring of hair color from any oops I might make!! (that tip was compliments of one of Kandee Johnson's videos)

Mixing up the first step was pretty easy peasy. Just mix it up and apply 3/4 of the mixture to all of your roots, clean yourself up and then wait 20 minutes for the second step.

My only issue was they provided one set of gloves (say what!!!). You have to remove the gloves while you wait the 20 minutes then try to get those little gems back on without getting hair color all over you and not to mention they don't really fit that great the second time around.

can you tell waiting is not my strong suit!

I had spare gloves but I decided since I was testing this out I needed to go with only what was in the box.

The next step you just mix in the serum to the rest of the mixture and apply it to the rest of your hair.

Then wait 10 minutes and rinse it out, wash your hair and apply the colour perserve conditioner.

Style and let the festivities begin!!!!

I think it turned out really pretty and frosty approves ;)

Now off to put some chocolate on those peanut butter balls :)

Have a Very Merry Christmas Eve everyone xoxo

**The Vidal Sassoon was sent to me by bzz agent to test out for free but these are my honest opinions**


  1. ohh free products to test? I am always down for that. The only thing I have ever been sent is toilet paper, and an unmarked shampoo...which I was too afraid to use being as I had no idea what was actually in it? haha.

    1. LOL yeah I am not sure I would try stuff randomly sent to me ;) Bzz Agent and Influenster are nice sites where they send you stuff to try out for free.