Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Project With Shabby Paints

I started painting this last weekend.


This thing is a beast and I have never liked the faux oak look but it’s functional so I did not want to get rid of it.

I did some research on chalk paint and from what I found Shabby Paints was the easiest to use with no sanding or buffing and  the top coat was easy peasy to use. So I found a local store that sold it and started my project this past Saturday.


My intentions were to paint the outside Saturday and then paint the inside Sunday but it was going so well I did two coats on the outside and one coat on the inside Saturday. I was regretting that Saturday night when my body was rebelling against me. Crying face



Sunday I woke up and started bright and early to finish the inside. I did the next coat and then the reVax clear coat and was done by noon.


I was originally going to paint the whole inside but decided I would let this cure for a few days and paint the back of the inside with some buffalo brown and add a little brown bronze shimmer mixed in it to make it pop.

I am feeling a little crummy today so I will have to wait for the last of this project to start. Sick smile But I will show you as soon as it is all done.


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