Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Loreal Revitalift Bzz Review

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sent me the Revitalift Bright Reveal from Loreal on October 22nd so I have been using them for over a month. I wanted to give them a good month of use before I reported back my thoughts. Winking smile 


The claim to this line is basically it will visibly brighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resurface dull, uneven tone and texture to reveal youthful skin.

I am going to start with my least favorite to my most favorite.

(I have combo skin for reference and I still get break outs on occasion.)


First up is the Brightening Peel Pads. It is supposed to peel away dull, uneven tone and reveal brighter skin and reduce wrinkles.

These actually made my skin on my face tingle/burn a bit which I am not thoroughly fond of so I only used these on my chest and neck. It also does not sink into the skin fast so it is tacky for a bit.

I did not really notice much of a difference in my lines and wrinkles or with my skin tone with this product unfortunately but I also did not use it on my face so I can’t really say it doesn’t work. Confused smileI will check back at a later date with this one…Maybe in a talkin’ trash post.


The pads are a nice thickness and they do have a lot of the liquid absorbed in them which I like in this type of product.



Next up is their Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser. It is supposed to gently exfoliate dullness and visibly reveal radiance.

This is supposed to be used every morning and night. I quickly realized that is too much for my skin!! I went back to using my Murad cleanser and only used this two or three times a week at night and that worked perfectly. I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin with this product and the creams so I do believe with more time using it I will notice even more of a difference.


I love how gentle it is and it has just the right amount of little scrubbies.



The next two products were my favorite out of the whole line. They are the brightening day moisturizer and the brightening dual overnight moisturizer.

The brightening day moisturizer claims to visibly brighten skin, even tones & reduces wrinkles. I can say with certainty that is has made my skin look brighter and some of my dark spots seem lighter but as for my fine lines I have not noticed much of a difference yet.


I like the consistency of the day cream and best part is it did not break me out.


The brightening dual overnight moisturizer claims to visibly refine clarity and tone and reduce wrinkles. Again I am seeing a difference in texture and tone but as for wrinkles the jury is still out.


This comes out with the serum on one side and the cream on the other. What I like to do is rub the serum in and then do the cream like I would with my other serums and creams.


Both the day and night cream sink into the skin quickly.

Hope this helps and hope you are having a great Tuesday!!!


These products from Loreal were sent to me from bzz agent for free to review. All of the opinions are my own and no one pays me to give them a positive or negative review.

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