Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tweet Life

I started tweeting a couple months ago and I am really not that great at it.  Since I got nothing today I thought I would share some of my tweets.

*Off to the dentist to get my Crown fixed for the umpteenth time…Later that day….Crown did not fit, so they put the temp/perm crown back on and sent me on my way. Officially deemed the tooth from He** by the dental tech. Seriously this is like the 4th or 5th temp or perm crown for this one tooth, get to go back in 2 weeks..woohoo..

*Hopefully no rain today and we can go swimming.

*Listening to my son complain cause he can't find something, then he comes to me and says "well I did not touch it so you must have put it somewhere", yep I love to go in my child's room and hide things from him...it's what I do in my spare time....ughhh...here's a notion maybe in one of your let me clean my room real quick escapades, you probably thru it in your closet never to be found again..why do we always get blamed for loosing their toys??

*The maid is coming today.....oh wait that would be me :( … Unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, cleaning all the bathrooms....oh yea today is going to be awesome....

*Trying to get my non cooperating child to go to the store with me. I even bribed him with chick-fil-a and still he refuses...ughhhh …later that day…Finally got mrmr to go to the store but we had to go to chick-fil-a first of course, he was even cooperative about going to Tarjay :)Seriously why is it such a chore to get him to leave the house...why is this?

*Off to get in the pool, donning another bathing suit to scare the neighbors....ahahahahaha

*Did not realize the super tiny pic in my post could be clicked on and everyone could see me in a bikini at the beach...how embarrassing. I am such a moron....

*Just got back from the money stealer... I detest the Grocery Store.

*Just when I go outside to clean the pool so I can lounge a stinking big black cloud starts rolling in. Guess I'll have to take a nap..mannnn

See my dilemma with tweeting, My life is just not that interesting…Do you tweet?


  1. I guess I don't "get" tweeting, and like I say to everyone does that make me a twit?
    I guess my my life isn't that interesting. Maybe if I start tweeting my life will become MORE interesting? *sigh* oh well it was a thought haha

  2. I do tweet. I use it as a networking tool to "link up" with those in the publishing industry since I am trying to get published. I don't know that I'd do it just for fun.

  3. p.s. if you want to follow me on tweet, I'm

  4. I'm not a tweeter. I wouldn't know where to begin. I will leave tweeting to the birds. haha

  5. I don't tweet. I don't like my friends that much that I need to read their texts, emails, their daily updates on facebook, and now their hourly updates on twitter. But thats me. :)

  6. LOL. I do not tweet. But I think all yours put together in one post are rather amusing. Especia;;y about losing the toys.

  7. I started tweeting so when I was unable to blog my family and friends could see the sidebar and see what was happening in our lives. I'm just terrible about remembering to tweet.

    Thanks for all your input :)