Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

Chocolate Chip Muffins for Breakfast


makes a very happy child on his first day of school.


And a happy child makes a happy Mom


His happiness lasted until he realized he had homework….there are no pictures, he was just too unhappy and so was I.

I hope everyone had a great dayimage


  1. I love the pictures of the kids when the backpack is bigger than the kid.

    mine are so big now the would not be caught dead with a backpack.

  2. Amen...when the kids are cranky...I get cranky.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. good pics :)
    bet the muffins were good, too!
    congrats on getting the hardest day out of the way...
    homework is one of those uncomfortable words...and it can mean SO many different things.
    hope he was able to get it done and get on to some 'funner' things :)

  4. HOMEWORK? After the 1st day? What happen to cutting some slack until at least the 2nd day?

    The muffins look like beautiful balls of YUM!

  5. Our organized school year lasted all of 4 days. We are back to daily chaos now. :(

  6. I think everyone likes getting that first day over with..good looking guy you have there..the muffins are soooo good looking

  7. those muffins look yuummmmy...glad he had a great start, for a while anyway. i can't believe he had homework already. way to ruin the mood teachers!! haha.

  8. Yumy muffins! I am not looking forward to when my kids get older and go to school!

  9. I am dreading the homework monster, too. It will be starting up on Monday!