Monday, August 3, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Last Thursday was my nephew D.J.’s 17th birthday and we had his party at my house.  Patrice, my sis-n-law, came down from TN that day with my other nephew Joey to celebrate and spend the weekend with us.

When they first arrived her dog Higgins first reaction to Florida was a growl and a snip geared towards Ginger.  Ginger wanted to play and Higgins was having no part of that.  I think he was grouchy from the long car ride.  He got put in his crate due to bad behavior, let me tell you he was not happy about this one bit.


Everyone came over for D.J.’s birthday and we enjoyed hamburgers, dinner of choice by the birthday boy, and hot dogs with several side dishes thrown in. 


Then it was cake time.  My nephew thought it would be cool to make a neopolitan cake so my sister made one and I think it turned out great..  We had a lot of fun.

SDC11081 P1050048 P1050038 P1050040 


Higgies on the other hand was still a little grouchy and was hiding under his Mommy’s legs growling at Ginger or sitting in her lap peering down trying to see where the one-eyed bandit was.


Thank goodness once Brad got home he got the dogs to where they were actually tolerating one another


and by the next night they were two peas in a pod sleeping on my lap.  They still had a few spats when Ginger got to close to Patrice, but other than that they were great friends.


Ginger loved Higgins food which we had to put up since she would sneak off and eat it all.  Ginger found our hiding spot and camped out there thinking someone would feel sorry for her and give her a morsel.

 P1050059  P1050063

Saturday we went to the beach


But when this big black cloud rolled in


we headed to Sonny’s to grab a bite to eat


& then off to the outlet mall to look at purses, shoes and swim suits.


Sunday we lounged in the pool, Ginger opted to lay out, while Higgins enjoyed the pool.

 SDC11146 SDC11118 

Sunday night we had oysters on the grill and boiled shrimp

(the shrimp are in there, they are just hiding under the yummy goodness)


SDC11154  SDC11160 SDC11158

My sister and Mom do not like oysters so they chilaxed on the swing while everyone else enjoyed them.


By the end of the night everyone else had pooped out, but not these two, 11 o’clock and they were still going strong.


Here is the tower of oysters that were consumedSDC11178

Patrice and the boys left this morning bright and early and I tried to wake up Bub so he could say goodbye, but he just would not wake-up.  There were tears when he finally woke-up and realized everyone was gone.  Ginger has been snoozing ever since they left, I guess playing with her puppy cousin took a lot out of her.


  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed family time! Glad you all had a great visit and Birthday Celebration for the DJ'ers

  2. Forgot to mention Friday we went back to school shopping and me, Patrice and D.J. got stuck in a terrential down pour, but it was all good.. We waited it out shopping and then headed to Moe's to eat :)

  3. Happy Birthday DJ.

    Glad the furry kids made amends and became happy campers.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. Sounds like a great time! I'm with your mom and sisters, oysters creep me out. I think it has something to do with that scene from Alice and Wonderland. Or where those clams? Same thing to me lol

  5. This is really bad. Before I could even read anything I looked at the first picture and thought: hey that looks like Higgins. LOL

    Did you save me some oysters? I will be down when it cools off a bit for mine.

  6. how fun! ginger is so cute 'camping out'. :)

  7. Looks like a fun time! I am with the no oysters of the few seafood eats that I dont like! Wish I could go visit my family in FL just to consume the seafood.

  8. Looks like you guys had a great time! The seafood looks really good....I think I would have even tried to oysters!

  9. I am back in the real world of my life.....I miss my vacay!

    Thanks for having us.....tell Bub sorry we'll be back soon, tell Ginger to keep her spit off squeaky kitty (from Higgins of course)and tell Brad next time remind us to stick to half a bushel! :)

  10. FUN! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Ginger was hysterical by the pool, and trying to get the goodies.

  11. Cool cake idea! And love that boiled shrimp at my house,too.

  12. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I'm with your mom and sis on the shrimp and oysters - YUCK!

    Love the cake idea :}

    Bubbs is stylin' one awesome purse!!

  13. Oh wow...look at all those oysters!! I love seafood! I could have felt right at home there! Glad y'all had fun!