Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just wanted some flowers

This past Friday I was looking out in our front yard and there was just too much green, it needed some color 
I told hubby why don’t we put the fountain in the backyard
P1040699  so it can be hooked up to actual electricity and run then maybe it won't turn into a green mess every 3 days
and put a tree in where it is and put some flowers around it. 

He said, “okay”..with a look on his face like he was not thrilled.

I made arrangements for my son to go to my sisters since he hates going to the home improvement stores and we were ready to go…..
He said, “Well go get some paper and a pencil we need to figure out how to arrange the tree rings and how many more we will need.” 

“Wait What….I just want flowers and a tree, why do we need a plan”
Ladies Baby Doll (Fitted)

So after we sat there for another 20 minutes looking at the yard and then at the bricks (tree rings) we were ready to go.  We get to the store and got all the flowers, dirt, rocks and the tree….

No bricks

after getting everything they did not have the bricks we needed…errrrrrrrr…

After going to 2 more stores we found the bricks @ none other then Wally World, which you know just made my day since I loathe
love that place.

When we finally got home and had everything out of the car we proceeded to spend the next 3 hours trying to figure what pattern will work in the yard…After the 2nd hour the bricks were starting to look like weapons
…I was beyond over this project.
Finally when it was dark we figured out the pattern and dug out all the old grass til 10:30 p.m. so that the next day we would be ready to finish.

Hubby laying the stones and making sure they are level (I am serious he had a level)
That red chair would be my station during this section of the project, because I would have just slapped them in….no level needed
Yay the Flowers are finally going in
It took all day Saturday and a little bit of Sunday since we needed more rock, but I love it and even though I complained a lot a little I love it.


  1. Oh, I had to laugh. Did your hubby spend time in the military? Is he an engineer? You asked for flowers and a tree.....he saw all the steps in his head before he even replied. Men! But, I have to admit. It looks awesome! He did a great job. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Funny...
    It looks very pretty and I know that you will enjoy those all year!

  3. He was an engineer for a while and writes with perfect penmanship too...

  4. My hubs is anal retentive like that too....annoying. But at least it looks good right?

  5. You made me smile! Love it! Great project.

  6. it turned out wonderful...great job!