Friday, July 23, 2010

Skinny Girl Dreams

Short Mama from Family of Shorts hosts this mimi and I have fallen short on my posts lately Winking.

So I am going to do the last 3 in one:

Pick 5 things you love like about your current body
1. My hair most of the time, I use to love it, but after having my son it went all weird on me so I just like it now.
2. My legs, not sure why I just do.
3. My skin tone..I have olive skin and I am thankful for it because I don’t burn easily
4. My stretch marks, well some of them….I wish I only had like 3 to signify I had a child, but I look like I have a road map on my stomach instead.  I call them my blessing marks.
5. My shoulders, for the same reason short mama likes her eyes….They never seem to put on weight Happy

So those are all my loves likes about myself Love Struck

Next topic:
Agua -  When I pulled up an image this is what popped up
and if this recipe is for agua then sign me up MyRecipes ....
I have not been very good at my Agua drinking and have caved to the bad canned sugar drinks far to long

And last but not least how would I dress if I was the weight I wanted to be hence the title skinny girl dreams:

I would pick one of each item in the Victoria Secret Catalog, because if I looked like them I would walk around in underwear and high heels all day long….Just keeping it real.

And.....  Look what I got yesterday

MY HANDS...HIS GLORY! Presented me with this award for her Best Blog of The Day. How cool is that.

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  1. Yeah if I looked like that I would totally buy everything in that catalog too.

    I so get the hair went weird after pregnancy thing...mine went curly after my first and curlier after the second. But its not curly enough to have cute curls, its curly enough to be annoying and get frizzy