Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Happenings

Weekly News:

I think I may start doing this every Friday since it seems during the school year I have a hard time blogging everyday.  Maybe I will even turn it into a meme if enough bloggers want to join in Confused
This one is going to be a 2 week update since I was a total slacker last week.
First off Bub started School
Yep my favorite time of the year….NOT
I am not like most Mom’s who wish summer would end so their kids can go back to school. 
I like sleeping in and wearing my p.j.’s til noon so this kinda cramps my laziness.  Me and Ginger need our beauty rest or we get rather cranky.
and this also starts volunteering up at the school again
and PFA which means a lot of phone time
On the phone
My backyard is being taken over by these birds
and dragonflies (no pics of them they are quick little boogers).  I guess we have lots of tasty bugs in our yard.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not yet.
Matilda is now a indoor cat.
Had a neighbor who was not cat friendly and thought it best just to have her strictly indoors then to start WWIII.
She is loving it and since she was already litter trained it’s been pretty easy peasy.
Ginger on the other hand is wondering why she keeps stealing her toys
But for the most part they play very well together
She loves to watch TV
44319_1592515695615_1317570317_1562283_6009360_n 44319_1592515735616_1317570317_1562284_797898_n
And she loves her new kitty crate
But she still wonders I think why she can’t go outside.
I am trying to talk hubby into building her a big cat playhouse so she can still venture out in our backyard.
How cool would this be
Well that is pretty much all the excitement from my week.  Unless you would like to hear about all the fun vacuuming and laundry.
And just for fun here is a pic from a day trip I took with a friend..This place was heaven.


  1. The water in that last place looks like Weeki Wachee springs...

  2. what GREAT pics!!
    thx for sharing