Monday, November 28, 2011

As Prepared As I Can Be

I am having surgery tomorrow and I have been perplexed about the whole thing for a while, but this morning my son started off a conversation with this:

Bub:"Mom were your 3 angel babies before or after I was born."

Me: "After why?"

Bub: "I was just reading that sign you put up yesterday how Jesus was such a big miracle in such a small child, kinda like me huh."

Me: "Yes"

Bub:"I think I am glad I am an only child."

And that my friends was like having a conversation with my child and God all at the same time.

I have been praying for some clarity with this surgery and now I have it. I was really worried because my son had a mini melt down about 3 weeks ago about not having a brother or sister. I almost cancelled the whole thing. I had decided living in pain was better then breaking his heart. But then reality set in and it would not matter if I had all my parts or not I would not be able to grant that wish unless I adopted a child. So off I go tomorrow to have the big ole

Hysteria-ectomy as one blogger likes to call it.

I have been preparing and the HysterSisters website has provided a lot of insight.

Check List:
Christmas present are wrapped
House is clean
Over night bag is almost packed (thanks to hystersisters and my friend Shannyn's list)
Various lists thru out the house for my son, husband and Mom
Nerves are in check for the moment

Until ya know the big freak out which should come later this evening....

Pray for my husband because I am gonna be Miss grouchy pants when I wake up 


  1. I will be praying for you! Just take it easy and let others help you out (I know easier said than done!).


  2. Thank you. My mom will be staying with me.