Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I survived

This was when I had a hysterectomy as noted below I did all my blogging through the blogpress app and my pictures went poof which is super freaking annoying since I like to have them hear as a scrapbook :(

Waiting to be taken back

After the surgery. This is at night, I was not up for pictures earlier in the day.
The lighting is bad and I am on pain meds so disregard how hideous I look ;)

On our way home.

Only had to stay one night in the hospital-score.
I am home and resting. Still in pain, but all in all I feel better then I thought I would.


  1. alright...
    rest, rest...sleep
    don't be so hard on yourself
    i think you look great

  2. Thank you :) I am taking your advice. Lots of rest for me for the next two weeks.

  3. so glad that you did ok - you will definitely feel like a new woman!

  4. Still praying for you darlin'! You look great :}

  5. You look better than me after surgery and on pain meds than I look everyday in my best clothing and all my makeup on!!!! Love ya!