Monday, December 5, 2011

Rough weekend, but getting better

Hit a bit of a rough patch this weekend. Probably because I started to cut back on the pain meds Thursday and could actually feel the internal pain more. Spent most of the weekend in bed resting.

Today started out rough as well with a headache and nausea, but by 11 I was feeling a little better.

Here is what I will be doing today (I am guessing it was resting)

Oh lordy I need a tan and some make-up.

Tilda has been sticking close to Momma and thoroughly enjoys the bucket the nurse sent home with me in case I got car sick.

Ginger on the other hand does not understand why she can't sit with Momma and Tilda can. Here she is having a pity party.

She got over it, but with a sad face ;)

My Jennysitter this week is my parents. Could only get a picture of my Mom. They have been great thru this whole healing process.

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