Monday, June 17, 2013

Beauty Spoon

Makeup Monday

Not really makeup but beauty related nonethelessWinking smile.

In my May favorites I mentioned how I did not like the packaging of my favorite  Aveeno Lotion.


Because there was always so much product left in the bottom and you just could not get it out with the pump so you would end up having to bang it on the counter to get as much as you could out.

Well Darcy over at Tales From The Nursery told me about this little Gem.

The Beauty Spoon


I found it at Walmart (ie: hellmart) in the beauty isle. Don’t ask anyone there cause they will tell you they don’t have them. I had to show the associate when I found it that they do in fact carry these.  Now you know why I have that nickname for this store Winking smile.

This is such a awesome little gadget. It gets a lot of the product right out.  I did still have to bang it on the counter to get some of the product to the sides so I could scoop it out since it is such a deep container, but I still think it is fabulous.


So if you have a product that you just can’t get all the product out I would definitely go grab you one of these.

Thank You Darcy Open-mouthed smile

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