Monday, June 10, 2013

Makeup Monday-Fixing Broken Powder Compacts

Makeup Monday

I bought these two items last Monday and on Tuesday while I was getting my caboodle out from under my sink I forgot I had set them on top of it.  They went flying and…..


So after having a two second melt down I went on about getting ready cause it was my sons sixth grade graduation day and I was not going to let this ruin it.

On Wednesday I googled how to fix them and used several sites to come up with the way I was going to do it.

First I poured all the broken pieces into a plastic bag and then broke all the pieces into a fine powder. I then grabbed some rubbing alcohol

step 1

Poured the fine powder into a bowl (I was going to mix it in the compact like the websites had shown but found this messy and not very easy to do). I then added a little more then a capful of alcohol and mixed it up until it was a creamy consistency.

step 2

I put the creamy concoction back into the compact then grabbed a old t-shirt of my husbands and my Now clay mask container (any round flat top container will do).

step 3

Wrapped the Now container in the t-shirt and pressed the powder concoction into the compact until it was even.

step 4

I then grabbed a paintbrush to clean up the edges and laid it on a surface where no one my cat  would knock it over.

step 6

I pretty much did the same with the blush except I did not put the broken pieces back into the compact because there was still quite a bit of product that had not broken. 

step 1 blush

Instead I cleaned out a old bare minerals container with a alcohol wipe and put the broken product in it after I mixed it with less then a capful of alcohol.

step 2 blush

The finished products


All fixed and as good as new.Open-mouthed smile

No more crying over broken makeup girls. Red lips

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