Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Guilt

I am a lazy blog bum.

There I said it.

I neglect my blog like nobody’s business. I see it on my toolbar and just look away pretending it is not staring me in the face…Saying please write a post pleaaaaaaseCrying face.

I really wish I could get back into the swing of blogging or even doing meme’s. But I just leave my poor little blog on the backburner of my life.

So I feel guilty that I am a crummy blogger.

I would say I will try to do better but let’s be honest I will probably write some posts, pick them apart and then never post them. 

Gone are the days when I would just jump on blogger write whatever was on my mind and hit the post button. SighI don't know smile...

One day I will snap out of this blog funk…One day


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