Friday, April 25, 2014

FCAT Can Suck It


And any other standardized test that takes almost a month for all the kids to take it. Whoever decided a portion of this test should be taken on computers was a complete moron.

If you are not going to supply at least half of the school with computers to take the test so that it only takes maybe a week at most for the whole school to complete it then it is not a good idea.

I mean if we as parents can see that then I pretty much think it is common sense and any idiot can figure that out.

Talk about wasted class time. You can’t really give the kids anything to learn during this time because it might interfere with their score. Plus once the test is done school is almost out so what can you possibly teach them that they will retain during summer. School should just be out for summer after FCAT. Annoyed

I am soooo over standardized testing. I mean  if you want to give them one give them the SAT that takes one day.  I took that when I was in school and I turned out okay. Or better yet give them end of semester tests to make sure the kids are getting the information they are being taught in class and base the school rating off of that.

And then there is the new EOC (End Of Course) testing they just started a couple years ago. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. It should be end of semester. Who in the heck is going to remember every little thing they learned way back in August. I can’t even remember where I put my keys this morning much less what I did in August.

They spend so much time reviewing for these tests before hand that it is a wasted couple weeks that they could have been learning new material. 


And to think next year we are getting a whole new lovely test that no one even knows what it is yet. YaySarcastic smile!!!

Okay I am done. Carry on with your day.

Rolling on the floor laughing

(brought to you by a irritated parent who has kept that rant in to long….plus Bub is sick so irritated parent may have too much time to think about how much she hates these tests Sick smile)

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