Friday, April 4, 2014

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Update

Several weeks ago I received Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid free from bzz agent to try.

If you missed it ↓

I was definitely having some issues with old acne scars and cystic acne so I was soo ready to try this out. I was hoping by adding this to my current skincare that it would be the miracle that would clear up my skin.

This picture was taken right before I switched to proactiv + from regular proactiv.
Pretty right Crying face

A little back story:
I have combo skin and have had a little bit of acne issues since I was a teen. Not anything to crazy but I definitely do not have perfect skin and never have. I have used proactiv for about 4 years and just switched to proactiv + to try about 2 weeks before I started using the Paula's choice with it.
This picture was 2 weeks in with proactiv +. I could definitely tell a difference, but still had some spots. Warning scary pictures below of me with no makeupWinking smile !

These next pictures were taken at almost 4 weeks after starting using Paula's Choice 2% BHA with proactiv +

I look half awake here ↑ LOL!

I can really tell a difference. My skin tone is more even and my dark spots are diminishing. 

& best of all no more cystic acne. Woot Woot Open-mouthed smile

I am very happy with this product and I think I will order some more products from their line to try out as well.

Products used: Proactiv + Skin smoothing exfoliater, Paula's choice 2 % BHA liquid & then proactiv + complexion perfecting hydrator. I would also spot treat with proactiv + pore targeting treatment on occasion.

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