Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sweet Treat Sunday

Have ya'll tried the Breyers Gelato yet?

I received a coupon for a free one in my TLC Voxbox from Influenster and have been wanting to try it so me & Bub picked one up the other day!

They only had three flavors at our store. Not sure if they have more than that as far as selection, but we chose the Tiramasu!

It is sooo good and creamy. It tasted like I was eating the coldest, yummiest Tiramasu frosting ever!! If you see it in the store grab it. I am not kidding it is that good.

Okay now on to a not so sweet treat but equally as good!

While we were at the store I picked up these cause I absolutely love wraps but had not tried this brand before. 

absolutely love them and they are good for you so win win!!

Today I made a Ham, Monterey Jack & lettuce wrap with low fat ranch spread and a side of grapes! So yummy!

So check those out to if you are visiting the money stealer anytime soon :)

Happy Sunday!!!!

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