Friday, July 18, 2014

July Ipsy Glam Bag

I was so excited when I went to my mailbox yesterday and my little pink shiny package of beauty goodness had arrived.

This month came with a cute little pink bag. It feels pretty durable. 
I can kinda tell that the material might be ones of those that flakes, but we will see.
I must admit the inside smelled a little chemically but nothing a little airing out won't fix.
The theme this month was sensationally kissed

I received 5 products:

I have not used a tanning oil since probably high school. I may try using this when I know I will only be out in the yard for a little bit. Where I live I would not dare use this at the beach or if I am going to be laying out for any long length of time. I would be a lobster in no time ;) Side note it did not have the best smell in the world. I was hoping for a coconut scent and there wasn't one :/

The next product is a Jojoba Gel Cream from Lavilin: Retails for $21

I love jojoba oil so I can not wait to start using this cream. It had a pleasant smell and soaked into my hand really well. I am thinking this might be great for the heat rash I tend to get on my elbows every summer!

Next up is the 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Eye Cream Shadow w/spf 15 by BareMinerals in the color divine wine: Retails for $18.00 at Ulta

I actually really liked this product. It glides on really well and was easy to blend. I have sensitive eyes and this did not bother mine at all.
I am by no means a makeup artist but thought you might want to see what it looks like on the lid.

My next product in my bag was a Elizabeth Moss Tints & Sass in the color cherry: Retails for $22.99

It says it is for the lips and cheeks.  I used it on my cheeks and it reminds me of Benetint by Benefit. Sometimes with benetint you dot it on then go to blend and you still have those dots stained on your cheek which really gets on my nerves. I did not have that problem with this product. I love that it is buildable as well so you can get the exact color you want.
Not sure if you can even tell from this picture but it just gives a nice I have been in the sun for just a bit look.

Last but not least was the Benefits They're Real Mascara: Retails for $23.00

I have used this before and I kinda have a love hate relationship with it. The wand is kinda weird to me. It is one of those mascaras you have to be careful with or it will look at hot mess and be all clumpy. 

I am more of a Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes or Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash kinda gal cause they are no muss no fuss mascaras and I don't have to be careful when I apply them.

I only applied one coat and I literally barely touched my lashes. I don't curl my lashes really because they have a natural curl but I definitely don't with this mascara because it will transfer all over the place. With all that said this is a nice going out mascara because it gives you really nice volume.

I hope that was helpful.

All in all I think it was a pretty good bag this month

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