Monday, July 21, 2014

Spur Of The Moment Trips

It has been really rainy this summer which has made it hard to plan any day trips ahead of time.

So the past couple weeks we have been taking some spur of the moment trips. Rain or Shine we were going Storm cloudSun!

The first trip was to some Springs not to far from us. It literally poured half of the ride there but when we arrived it was pure sunshine.


My nephew was in town so he came along. Open-mouthed smile


This is my favorite spring. It has the best swimming area. So if you ever get a chance visit Alexander Springs.




As I said in a previous blog the animals at this park beg like dogs for food and if you don’t give it to them they will just steal it when you go in the water if it is not sealed.


The second trip was to a state park that is not terribly far from us. Percent chance of rain you ask…..50% so we bit the bullet and went.

These little guys were all over the place.


This park was once an estate and was donated to the state after their death.  It is surrounded by the ocean and Intracoastal.


The last owner of the property loved gardening and it has all been kept up over the years. It was absolutely beautiful.


I can’t imagine living this close to the Intracoastal. They must have had so much fun.


Bub loved all the little crabs peeking out at low tide.


My two favorite men after we had sweated up a storm hiking. It was HOT hot on that nature trail.Smile with tongue out


Some more little guys we saw leaving the park on our way to venture to the ocean side.



It was Soo pretty with the waves crashing on all the coquina rocks.


We decided to drive down a little bit to a less rocky part of the ocean to take a dip.


We were there for about a half hour and then it started to drizzle so we got all cleaned up and got in the car and the bottom dropped out for all of 30 minutes. Gotta love FL Rolling on the floor laughing!


So we went and got a bite to eat and then it was sunshine the whole way home.



We even came home to this beauty blooming


Hoping to squeeze in a few more fun day trips before school starts again.

Who is not looking forward to your child going back to school? Raise your hand High five!

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