Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pasta W/Sun Dried Tomatoes, Chicken Sausage & Other Yummies

I saw a recipe on Sam Schuerman's blog the other day for Sun Dried Tomato & Sausage pasta and that gave me the idea to make it for lunch today but I did not stick to her recipe. Mine is actually a totally different version all together because I used what I had on hand today but I will make her version in the future.

I am calling it Christmas in a pot not because it tastes like Christmas or anything but because it has all the pretty reds and greens of the Christmas season ;) 

I know it is not even October so I should not even be mentioning Christmas!!!

It is really a pretty dish so it would be perfect to take to a pot luck or family get together if you double the recipe.

Christmas In A Pot
(AKA: Pasta with sun dried tomatoes, chicken sausage and other yummies)

You can use any brand you wish of these ingredients but I listed what I used in parentheses.

Half a box Hidden veggie twisted elbow pasta (Muellers)
Two or three chicken sausage cut into small pieces (Simply Balanced Spinach & Garlic I got at Target)
Two big handfuls baby spinach chopped (Organic Girl)
Half a jar of pesto (Classico)
Half a jar julienne cut sun dried tomatoes with oil  (California Sun-Dry)
Feta cheese (Kraft crumbles)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Boil pasta per boxes instructions. I like my pasta a little past al dente so I cooked it for 10 minutes. 

While pasta is boiling place your chicken sausage in a skillet and cook until golden brown then cut into bite size pieces.

When the pasta is done drain and return to pot and put in cut up spinach until spinach has wilted. I placed my pot back over the cooling burner to keep the dish warm while I added all the ingredients.

Then add pesto, sun dried tomatoes, chicken sausage and feta. 

Salt & Pepper to taste.

Mix and enjoy :)

Soooo Yummy. 

If you want to also try another pasta dish that is tried and true & is super duper easy then check out this one by Sugar N Spice Gals: Sun Dried Tomato Penne Pasta Salad.

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