Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

Yesterday was heartbreaking, terrifying, bittersweet…any any other word for just plain awful.

My baby girl went to puppy heaven.


Ginger went downhill in a matter of a week and we found out she had liver cancer this past Saturday. All her labs earlier this year came back normal. She still had a sludgy gallbladder but her levels were good and we still suspected a bit of cushings. Her weight had dropped a bit at a time but we all chalked it up to old age. I wish I had seen the signs earlier and really known what to look for but since our furbabies can’t talk I just had no clue. She still did all her favorite things which consisted of eating, swimming, sleeping and eating some more.

I just can’t believe this was last Christmas…


I am broken without her. I just really don’t know how to function right now. Not even sure why I am typing this post….

Maybe its theraputic??

All I can hope is that she met up with my old best friend Malibu


And all of my other fur babies I had as a child/young adult.

and maybe she will get to visit with my Great Aunt Helen who loved her so much and would always play tug of war with her. Ginger never gave up her toy. Winking smile


I will miss her snuggles


and my swimming buddy


and Daddy’s fire buddy


Brad made her the most beautiful grave right out by the fire pit. She loved to sit out there with her Daddy.


We did all her favorite things before she passed. Sat out in the sun and let it hit her face. Ate a #cheeseburger and fries from ickdonalds even though she could only eat a little bit of it. Gave her a nice warm bath in my garden tub so she could feel like she was in the swimming pool. Put on our fire DVD while we snuggled on the floor so she could hear the crackling fire.

She was ready but I would have forever not been ready.

Please keep the prayers coming.