Friday, January 15, 2016

I Am Over This Month

This week has been a lot of waiting with lots of coffee drinking.

My Dad had knee surgery Monday which went very well and he is home now and moving around quite well.

My Father-n-law had heart surgery Tuesday which the doctors said went great but his recovery has been a little trying. Hopefully today is the day he feels a lot better. So please pray for him.

And then this one ↓

My son not the dog has some sort of stomach pain issue that neither me or the doctors can figure out.

My Mom, Brother and myself all have gastrointestinal disorders (fun stuff) so the doctor is trying to figure out if it is something like that or if he ate something that is causing it. So anyway I have been going between home, the hospital and the doctor's office most of the week.

I know it's not the months fault or anything but I think January 2016 is just not my month and I am ready to see it's little booty go!!!


  1. Ugh so sorry this year is starting out rough!!

  2. I'm sorry! I hope everything sorts itself out and the rest of your year is MUCH easier!