Monday, October 3, 2016

Talkin’ Trash

Not talkin’ smack. Winking smile

Products I used up in August & September and some duds I will never use up.

Hair Styling Products:

Sauve Dry Shampoo:

This works really good but I can not stand the smell so I doubt I will repurchase unless I am in a pinch.


John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray:

I really liked this and it smells really good so once I have used up some of my other styling sprays I will definitely repurchase this.



Philosophy Christmas Cookie Body Wash:

I bought a bunch of these last holiday season and I actually used this one up some time ago and forgot to post it. I love philosophy’s body washes and this one smells like yellow cake. Will definitely be buying more.


Dr Teals Epsom Salt Foaming Bath and Clairol Hair Food Mask:

Dr. Teals is my fave bath product cause it produces lots of bubbles, smells awesome and gives a good detox and I have already repurchased more. Clairol Hair food was awesome. I loved the smell and it made my hair sooo soft. Will definitely be getting more.



Sauve Visible Glow, Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl, Marlowe Body Butter & Bach Rescue Cream:

Love all of these but the two stand outs are the Suave and the Marlowe. I will be getting more as I run out of body lotions.


Face Creams, Serums & Masks:

Murad Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer, Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster, 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream, Dr. Jeanette Graf eye Serum & Laneige Water Sleeping Mask:

I loved the Murad, Paula’s choice, 100% pure & Laneige. The Dr. Jeanette stuff made my eyes burn and itch so that I will never repurchase and I did not even use it up.


Kate Somerville Exfolikate:

This stuff is so awesome and gets any impurities out of your skin plus it smells like Fall pumpkin goodness to me. I have already purchased a travel size of it and will purchase a full size when I run out.



Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer:

This used to be my favorite under eye concealer and it’s still nice but I like the Maybelline better skin concealer more now.



Cutex One Step Nail Polish Remover Pads:

I received these in a Target Beauty Box I believe and they are awesome. They take everything off. Not sure I would repurchase them for everyday use but maybe for travel.



Crest 3D Glamourous White:

I received this in a Target beauty box and love these but they do not love me. They make my teeth so sensitive so I will not repurchase.



Escada Cherry In The Air & Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraiche (do what?? LOL):

Loved both samples and if they weren’t so dang expensive and I didn’t have so much perfume already I would be buying a full size. The Escada smells fresh and sweet and its notes are black cherry, raspberry, mandarin, marshmallow, gardenia, coconut, sandalwood and oakwood.  The Giorgio Armani is very sweet smelling too but with a hint of muskiness and its notes are primafiore lemon, peonies, water jasmine and brown sugar.


Happy Monday!! Red lips


  1. Murad is so great right? A very dependable skincare line that does its job! I like that philosophy smell. Some of them aren't so's like hit or miss with them.

    1. Yeah I definitely agree with philosophy. I like at Ulta most of them have testers so you know what your getting before you get it home and it stinks. LOL