Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mother Nature Is So Moody

This past week was literally beautiful.

Mid 70’s, sun shining, birds singing you could here the “Sound Of Music” playing….

I was outside taking picture of all of our trees and flowers blooming.

my shadow

azaleas bloomingazaleas blooming - 3

Blue Skies

gorgeous day

Windows Open

matilda in the window


And then we woke up to this today….

gloomy & cold feb 4


What The HECK!!!

And it is supposed to be back in the 70’s tomorrow. No wonder the hubs started getting another head cold..

So I am just over here holding my breath & hoping I don’t get it. Disappointed smile

dear mother nature

Anyone else having a one day cold front??


  1. We have been experiencing chilly temps and crazy vog (volcanic smog). Vog is terrible, but it makes for the most gorgeous sunsets!