Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This weeks challenge/topic is to show off our fridge and pantry to see what we are eating and to mortify me.wink
I am a neat freak and this is just exposing all my nooks and cranny’s that I think are as messy as can be.
Here’s my pantry, really nothing interesting…Top Shelf Cereal, Crackers, Cheese Whiz that is still full and expired…Thanks Short Mama I did some tossing while I was doing the photo shoot….Girl scout cookies that also need to be tossed because I am sure they are stale and snacks for my sons lunch. Next shelf is for canned goods, side items and sauces.  Last shelf is all my sugar, flour, tea, etc canisters.
Onto the Fridge, Top shelf is Milk, Pineapple juice, a coke my son half finished and put back…I am sure it is flat, O.J., water bottle and some Margarita Mix for Cinco De Mayo, Champagne and I am not sure what is in the back??  Second Shelf is butter, Attune chocolate bars for digestion, sour cream and salsa for Cinco De Mayo as well, behind all that is pizza sauce and more salsa and biscuits.  The bottom shelf is Yogurt and Pita Bread. 
Tortillas and lunch meats and cheeses
Grapes and husband is a big nettles fan.
Lettuce, Potatoes and a lunchable I forgot I had…Thanks again Short Mama
Bub’s drink drawer…Just went to the Money Stealer and bought more
Onto the freezer:
Top Shelf Ice for my shaved ice machine and the next shelf is meats and fish.
Top Shelf is Veges and Bread I freeze for bread crumbs and some Pecans because Rachel Ray says they don’t spoil if you keep them in the freezer
Anywho, next shelf is Quick food, Grilled Chicken and skinny cow or something like that yogurt pops.  Bottom shelf is a whole bunch of ice cream, our local store keeps running these specials where if you buy a certain item you get all this other stuff free and I really wish they would change the dessert item because it is always ice cream and we just don’t eat that much of it.
 0505101805-00There you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.


  1. I didn't know that about pecans at all. I am going to start to freeze them. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Love your running commentary. You have a great sense of humor.
    It's a good thing Our store doesn't run ice specials.

    What are the nettles your husband has from sausage and grapes?

    That's a big fridge, lots of drawers, all the good things are there.

  3. OK, now I'm hungry and I just had dinner :} Your way more organized than I am!!

  4. I think you are very organized! Great job!

  5. After taking my pics last night I was pulling out shelves and washing them today because I was horrified by how dirty they were!!! Ugh!

    We have the same fridge!