Monday, May 17, 2010

Yep I’m a slacker like that

I am late with my post, last week was a little hectic so I slacked on my blogging…My Bad
How are you going to handle vacationing this summer while sticking to the new healthy eating choices you have been making? Do you say forget it I’m on vacation, I will go back to healthy eating when I get home?
I am sad to say, but I do just take a mini eating healthy vacay when we go out of town.  We usually are going to be doing a lot of walking so I enjoy the good eats in the area we are visiting and just walk it off later.


  1. If I went on a real vacation and not just camping, Id be on a healthy eating vacay too.

  2. I try to stay focused...and do extra walking, too.

    PS: I have to eat healthy or not only do I gain affects my health...joints, oxygenation, etc. I pay for eating badly in a BIG way.

  3. That is cool. I like that idea. I can take it as a reminder to chill when I'm on vacay and keep on walking. XD