Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I think I may just need to move

**Not for the squeamish**

Yesterday I had to take my son to the doctor because he had a rash on his face that would not go away.  

At first we thought it was just from him not washing his face very good, but when it did not go away even after the good washings I suspected Impetigo. 

He also had complained twice of an itchy bottom so I was going to bring that up as well and after Googling it “Not Recommended” I was freaking out.


So both suspicions were confirmed he has Impetigo on his face from the cold he has had and he has pin worms……. 

That last part made my skin crawl.  I know it is normal for kids to get this, but I am completely grossed out thinking there is a worm inside him or from what she told me a worm inside me..  The whole family must be treated and all linens washed were my instructions.

After getting home and Googling what all needed to be done “Again with the Google why do I do this to myself”.  It said do not fluff the dirty laundry because they can become airborne and fly up your nose or in your mouth…..


Now I feel like they are all over me and up my nose.


So I carefully took all the sheets off and I hope none went airborne.  I mean seriously how do you take off sheets without fluffing them a little.

Anygross (nod to your terminology Short Mama @ Family of Shorts)…

Everything is laundered and we are all dosed up on our worm meds which tasted like banana chalk if you wanted to know and Bub has his cream on his face. 

Wish me luck that there are no heebeegeebees in my house or I may have to move..

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  1. Oh dear!!! I feel for you sweetie!!! Bugs are just NOT fun!

    Here's to hoping none are air born and Yippee to great smelling sheets!


  2. OMG, I'm cracking up! Sorry though!
    Sounds like a pain in the butt! (HA I made a funny!)

  3. Ewwwwwww, makes me not want to admit that you are related to me!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Now Thanksgiving will be even more fun this year with all the new nicknames we can call y'all!! Teehee!! Love ya!

  4. I have never even heard of them!? Im going to pass on looking it up though...shudder!

  5. Oh no, I am so sorry. Hope it all goes away soon!

  6. Does Ginger and Matildaa have to be treated too? I would imagine they could also get the worms could the not? sorry, if you hadn't thought of this... but I'm just thinking it might not stop if the animals get it and give em back to you.

  7. Checked that and cats and dogs are not carriers of pinworms so they can't get them.