Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Part Deux

Okay here is the rest of my Monday from hades

After my rear view mirror almost knocked me out.  I got a e-mail saying the ribbon for a dedication ceremony that afternoon was ugly like orange reflective tape ugly

Not quite the look we were going for.

At this point I am in the mode to jump on the treadmill and walk this bad morning off so I am in workout  gear, not go to Michael's gear. 

Quick outfit change.

Call a friend for back up and off we go Michaels bound. 
Get the ribbon, drop some of it off to my friend to make bows--she is a rockstar by the way, scarf some food down, go back to pick up bows, rush home shower and try to look presentable for pictures that are going in the paper and then get up to the school to set up the ribbon.  

Whoa I am exhausted just typing it again.  

Tuesday please be a nice and relaxing day.

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